Virtual Door Knock

How do you raise and train a Guide Dog – in just one month?

Every April, Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania conducts its annual Door Knock Appeal. The aim of this appeal is to raise the $30,000 needed to raise and train a new Guide Dog.

Traditionally we’ve been out on the streets, door knocking in different areas of Tasmania.

Recently, we’ve taken the big step of going on-line.

We’re asking all our past volunteers and anyone who is interested, to email their contacts rather than pounding the pavement. We’re really hopeful that this will save people time, encourage more people to help, and ultimately raise enough money so we can purchase, raise and train one Guide Dog - $30,000.

Virtually Volunteering – Actually Making a Difference

As a Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania Virtual Volunteer you’ll be raising funds to help train a Guide Dog…without having to knock on any doors! To say thank you, we’ll send you a Calendar, in PDF format, featuring our newest puppies.

Knock Knock

All Door Knock details and information will be here on our website in March and April. But if you want to help RIGHT NOW, simply click on the DONATE NOW button. All donations of $2.00 and over are tax deductable.